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My 6 month old great dane has the runs!

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Hi there im new to this page I happened to stumble upon it around 3am after countless nights of no sleep due to my great dane puppy (6 months old) has had the runs for about 3 weeks now! He's been to the vet for stool samples every week and they all come back negative. Hes always been on the same food since he was a baby. The same diet, no table scraps. When he was about 3 months old he would get veggies cheese and yogurt. Around 5 month he got his first round of the runs, so we stopped and he just got his dog food. About a month ago he had gotten into bird seed ( duck food) he ended up eating about a pound of it had the runs for a week and then they went away. Ever since then he has the runs for a bout a week then two days of solid stool. Then right back to having the runs. I cant take being up every night with him anymore every 2 hrs from 11pm - 8am. I am dying with the schedule I dont sleep and hes not either. He hasnt gotten table scraps in months, he's had all his boosters and never any thing found it stool. Ive tried pumpkin chip seeds rice chicken broth, nothing seems to help him. Any ideas would be great. Im pulling my hair out. My kennel won't take him anymore because he just explodes when he gets there. He's not a nervous boy or scared much either. He has a pretty normal life beside the pooping part. Plenty of frsh water and hes up to eating 7 cups of food. Today we are trying the 24 hr no feed process to see if that helps. Any tips would be greatly appreciated
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I would ask your vet directly for what steps they suggest to end the loose stool. Constant loose stool can lead to other more serious health problems. I understand he has had stool samples taken and checked, but has the vet offered any other solutions/suggestions? Like probiotics or supplements? FortiFlora by Purina jumps to my mind and is easily accessible, though moderately expensive. You could also try more "natural" things like Slippery Elm and/or raw goats milk and/or bone broth (homemade), which are my personal go-to for upset tummies.

Over feeding can cause loose stool. You say he is "up to eating 7 cups of food". Have you been increasing his food? I understand he is a growing Dane and needs a lot of food compared to smaller breeds, but perhaps try cutting back and see how his stool does and how his body condition does. He likely isn't retaining much now if he is having such bad loose stool - wouldn't hurt to cut back a cup or 2 and see if it helps. As long as he doesn't drop weight he may just need to eat less. You want to be able to feel and possibly even see a couple ribs, especially since he is a giant breed dog. You want them to be lean, especially while they are growing. He could also just need to switch to a different food. They say if it isn't broke don't fix it, but this isn't that scenario.

But again, this is something you could ask your vet about. I'd be concerned about a giant breed puppy not getting the nutrients they need due to digestive issues, especially for such an extended period of time. If this vet won't help you or offer a plan of action to get this resolved, then seek a second opinion.
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It may be he needs a change in food.
What do you normally feed?
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