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I got Griz's results back today, took about 2 weeks. I dropped another kit in the mail todaym so I will post those results when I get them. Was also planning to do Wisdom Panel, was going to do that today, but didn't get it done.

Here are a couple photos

Breed came back 100% American Pit Bull Terrier
Here is the shareable link https://embarkvet.com/dog/griz2

Predicted adult weight 52lbs!!!! She's almost full grown and under 31lbs. I understand how / why the results may not always be accurate. Size is polygenic and they can only go off the known genes which they test for.

For advanced results
E locus - She is Em/Em homozygous for mask, not too surprising. I know she has one, her mom is brindle with black mask, her dad is black so not possible to tell.

K Locus - ky/ky which is obvious she's not black or brindle

A Locus - Ay/at could tell by her coat she's carrying tan point as she has black overlay and widows peak

Doesn't carry dilute, as I expected.

Carries liver, which I knew was possible, but wasn't real sure. The litter her mother was born in were all black nose, from black nose parents (Griz's grand parents), but her great grandsire (actually double bred great grand sire) is black & white but carries red nose, so apparently he passed the gene to one of his children and not the other so when bred together resulted in black nose dogs with the carrier passing it to Griz mom and so forth.

Out of 5 genes tested for body size, one was heterozygous for smaller size, the rest were homozygous for larger size - which explains why they would give a result of 52lbs.

She has high diversity for MHC genes

Her pedigree calculated 20 generation COI is 12.6% (her sires is 6% and dams 31.6%), her Embark genetic calculated COI is 8%
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