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My 3 Month old Lab pup just swallowed a piece of rubber

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Hi all, my real name is Davie but I joined using our wee female pup "Sweety"
Now active as all puppies can be, she loves to chew and chew she does and at time that includes me.
Well just abut an hour ago she was chewing on my old slippers and well she just swallowed a piece of the soft insole about, the size of the TAB key on a keyboard, I tried to get it out but too late she swallowed it fast.
Should I be worried, it is a very soft piece but what should I look out for if anything.
She weighs around 7kg and is around 350mm foot to shoulder

I found this site by doing a search for an answer, so glad I did, more to come I will keep you posted, Davie.
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Keep an eye on her for signs of vomiting, and monitor her poops.
My dogs have eaten so much crap and they've always been fine, for what it's worth...
Hi and thanks for the reply. Well poop number one the morning came out very black, just like the rubber she swallowed and then shortly after another quite normal and soft just like last night dinner and so far for now, behaving normal but we will keep a watch for the next couple of days but the first one did look like very digested rubber, what next I can't imagine, Davie.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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