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I'm sorry, I didn't know if this a food/training/health question so I hope it's okay I posted it here.

This is a long story, and I'm so frantic, but my husband says I need to calm down and it's not a cause to rush to the vet just yet. Can you guys please tell me what you think?

My 2 year old chi has been crate trained for over a year now, she's only had an accident once since she's become accustomed to it. However, this entire week she's pooped (and today peed) every single day.

Backstory: A month ago we moved house, and realized the house had fleas. We took our dogs to live with my mom while we took care of the flea problem. They love my moms and weren't stressed out there, but their normal routine was way off. While they were there, they got into some old oranges in the backyard, and they both got a bit sick. I took them both to the vet, where my Chi got a shot (I think penicillan) and my other dog got some powdered medicine to mix with her food. The medicine seemed to help. The vet also suggested we put them on a bland diet of chicken and rice, so we did.

Last week we were able to move into our home. I was worried the dogs would be stressed, but they seemed to adjust fairly decent and the diarrhea and vomiting had stopped. We decided to keep feeding them the chicken at dinnertime, and normal kibble for breakfast/snacks. All last week they were completely fine, they got back into their normal routine like no time had even passed.

However, this whole week, my chi has been pooping every afternoon in her cage, and the poop is extremely soft. I don't know why this is happening and I'm very upset she might be sick again. We ran out of rice and for the past couple days we've only been feeding the chicken, I didn't think this would cause any harm but could this be it? Should we feed chicken/rice for both meals instead of one? We boil the chicken every Sunday, is that too long to wait? It used to be in the morning before breakfast I would take them out for potty, but now my chi refuses to go outside. I thought she might be too cold so I started putting her in her sweater, but it didn't help today.

Like I said, she's been crated trained over a year, so the fact this is happening out of the blue is really concerning to me. Overall her activity and energy levels have remained the same. I have noticed this week she's been very clingy to me and shivery, but again, she's a chihuahua and she might just be cold because of the changing weather.

I don't know, I could really use some advice. As I write this she's wrestling around with my other dog, so it's hard to believe she's sick. Oh, my husband also thinks there might be some cat poop or junk in the backyard she's eating and we're going to try to clean up this weekend. Another possible cause?

I know this is super rambly and all over the place. Does she need to go to the vet? Or am I making a mountain out of a molehill?
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