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My 16-18 week old puppy wont stop trying to dominate me

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Hello. My wife and I adopted a puppy a few weeks ago. We had cared for a family dog after her owner passed away, guiding her to the tip old age of 15, but this is our first puppy.

Meeting him, at the shelter, be was the sweetest boy. First night home, same thing. Loving, gracious. He was so proud of the big backyard he had to roam.

A few hours into day 2 we were outside chasing the ball, when he got the zoomies. He started biting at us, not puppybiting, but aggressively biting at arms and legs. The behavior then moved inside. We have plenty of chew toys that he likes to varying degrees but we are his favorite. We've tried not giving attention, walking away, positively re-inforcing good behavior, grabbing toys or giving kisses, and making very little progress. Our friends and family keep telling us he'll move past it, but it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Are my expectations wrong? Is this normal behavior? Are there any techniques we can employ to teach him hes not in control of the situation?
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His naps vary day to day, but I will say that hes a very light sleeper. Generally speaking a long nap is an hour, however from8pm-8am he is generally sleeping, though we do wake him up to go out before we go to bed.

The biting seems aggressive. It happens when he is super excited or over stimulated. He has powerful jaws and getting bigger. He was fostered before coming home with us, with 2 older big dogs. From what we could suss out he didnt have much human interaction there.
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