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My 14 week old puppy won’t sleep at night!

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Hey all,
So I got a pup around 6 weeks ago and she was 8 weeks when we got her. We noticed that she suffered quite a lot from separation anxiety so we done our best to make her feel at home with us. She sleeps in her crate (from about 3 weeks ago) but someone always has to be there in the same room as her or she barks and cries and would go to the toilet out of nervousness. My partner and I take turns sleeping in the living room with her and even when one of us is there she wake up at least 4 times a night whining in her crate for one of us to come over and give her a stroke back to sleep again and she doesn’t even want out of the crate! She gets out around 3 to go to the toilet but is always crying almost on the hour every hour for attention. This has been ongoing for 6 weeks now I feel am feeling overwhelmed and drained by the whole situation. Does anyone have any advice?
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Try the crate in the bedroom. All my puppies spent their nights in a crate right next to the bed. I could mutter a reassuring word or reach out and stick a couple of fingers in the crate if I had to, but I can't remember having to do that more than a couple of times the first few nights. After that if they fussed in the crate, it meant they had to go out, and that only lasted for the first few weeks. Of course different puppies have different sensitivity levels, but you could at least give that a try.

Puppies are used to sleeping with littermates. It's not surprising they need some help to transition to alone.
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