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Muzzle's ok? Or last resort? Destructive dog

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I have had a Standard Poodle for almost six years now, he is very well behaved intelligent all the good things anyway half a year back or so I heard of a dog who was stranded on the side of a hyway so I went and picked her up only to find she was a pit mix, now I don't necessarily buy into superstition but from the get go this dog was a menace, not bad per se just obstinant and opposed to being trained. But not terribly aggressive and super well behaved. When I was in the room. Now I dont live in an apartment but I still keep my dogs inside when I'm at work because I don't have a fence and I don't want them roaming the neighborhood. So I learned very quickly how destructive this dog was and it wasn't just when I was at work but as I slept she bit into the very mattress I was sleeping on, I have a four poster bed made of wood and it looks like a beaver got a hold of my bed frame.So I bought a muzzle for her and she stopped destroying everything as I slept so I kept it on her while I was at work and she was well behaved then as well, but still it's a muzzle and the back of the box says a dig should wear a muzzle at max 45 minutes and we're talking eight hour work days. So am I just the worst owner ever? Even if I were to try some training I've never heard of I wouldn't want to leave her alone without her muzzle for even thirty minutes cause that's all she would need to destroy an entire room. I'm at my wits end with this dog and it doesn't help that my poodle has never acted this way it just doesn't seem normal..
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No, you're not the worst owner ever. You're struggling to control a destructive dog. Been there, done that. However, I don't think leaving a dog in a muzzle is a good solution. Like Parus and LeoRose, crating crossed my mind, but IMO you're talking about too many hours per day for that - all the time you're gone to work and then the hours you sleep.

Would it be possible for you to set up a kennel with shade and shelter in your fenceless backyard? I don't know how expensive they are, but I've seen things like that at the PetsMart here. You'd need tall or with a roof and then only have to be sure the bottom discourages digging. That's what I ended up doing with my turbo-destructo dog while I was at work. A friend, bless him, made me a chainlink kennel.

Or perhaps you could set up something inside safely confining but less so than a crate. The breeder of one of my Rottweilers has kennels in her basement for when she's gone. Good luck finding your solution.
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