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Ok so not to long after getting my husky shepherd and realizing how much engergy she has. (she has been a GREAT help it getting rid of the weight i put on in college!:) lol) anyhow i decided it would be awesome for her if we could put that energy to good use. So i started obsessing over dog sledding/skijoring etc. well reading everything i could possibly find online. and then a couple months ago i ordered some skijoring equiptment....and did a couple runs with that. and some just running with her...but i'm still quite clueless as to how to acctually train her (she is my first dog ever)...Anyhow we were snowmobiling about a month ago and ran into one of the local mushers (has 20+ dogs) And he agreed to help me out. So just two nights ago (yes we still have snow and ice, enough to dog sled across lakes) we finally went for our first run... He put Maybe on with 5 other dogs and let me ride in the basket and we went for a short run...She did pretty good for her first time running with other dogs and all that. And then..he let me take out four dogs and followed on snomachine...:) he said that just the fact that i never fell off means i did better than most on their first time. I'm soooo looking forward to learning from him! (AAAAND i'll be posting the pictures that he took as soon as i get them :D) i'm just soo excited..and have been well forwarned that this is a very addicting sport to get into :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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