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I am just thinking ahead and looking for input. My 8 month old puppy is my whole family right now, the light of my life, and the reason why I need to pay down my credit card. She is extremely social and eventually I'm sure I will want to expand our "fur family of two", but I am a renter. I have had cats for most of my life and I miss them. I am also interested in bunnies and greatly enjoyed Laurel's interaction with a bearded dragon we met when we were out and about.

Another small dog just like Laurel would be fantastic but my landlord might not agree. Laurel might not either, which would be an absolute dealbreaker. I don't have any human family to help me with pet care or loan me money for a pet-friendly apartment and I am not 60 yet, but within a few years of it, able-bodied but low income and most likely unemployable. I don't enjoy stress or conflict and would not be happy with multiple pets who had to be physically separated or who would want to eat/harm each other. I would not want to deprive Laurel of anything she needs or deserves or stretch myself too thin. Realistically, I am a new empty nester and still grieving a loss. In a perfect world, I would still be raising my youngest and still have some hope of being somebody's gramma. My personal tragedies are not the dog's fault, your fault, or the responsibility of another pet animal who might be better off with a different owner.

tia for any suggestions, even if you think I should get a cute stuffed toy and spend more time playing with Laurel and a pocket telephone so I can download the YouTube app to tap when I want to SQUEEEE over animals. I'm not overly thin-skinned, just broody.

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