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Hello everyone,

I never usually post or ask questions, but I am on a verge of a breakdown. Don't handle dog health problems well.
My dog, 6 year old Jack Russell Mix, is having yellow stool for the last two weeks. It's either soft or diahrea like. Not watery, just either formed and soft or lose and patty like. Fecal test did not find anything. They are doing extensive testing with the original sample. Doctor started with conservative approach (antibiotics and chicken\rice). It's been about 2 weeks. He was pooping almost normal for a few days so I thought he was getting better, but today was yellow again (soft, but formed) and then very, very soft, almost liquid, but quiet, at the end. I've read everything there is to read about it and some sites are saying it could be cancer. I don't know how I can handle something like that emotionally. He is my child and otherwise is acting totally normal, eating, drinking. I am not asking for a professional opinion, but I am not a very good judge of seriousness of the illness. Everything is cancer to me (I lost many close people to cancer) so I am super paranoid.
Any thoughts? He is totally otherwise fine. Does that indicate that it's not something dangerous or life threatening? I just can't handle this emotionally. Dealing with horrible corporate bosses or anything else in the world, no worries, but when it comes to him, I lose it. Honestly been crying like a little girl today (and I am 40 year old man). My wife is out of town and I just don't know what to do. The vets are useless in terms of saying anything substantial. Any thoughts would be really appreciated

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Have you changed his food or treats recently? Or has the manufacturer changed their formula? Could he possibly be getting into something and ingesting it, like maybe goose poop or something? That is problem around here right now where there is goose poop everywhere, dog eats it, dog gets upset tummy.

The most common cause of weird poops is a food intolerance, or a change in food, and sometimes dogs even develop an allergy or intolerance to a certain food that they have eaten their entire lives. Have you done a second test for parasites? Sometimes you can come back with a false negative because of worm lifecycles or something like that, but sometimes it pays to do another test.

Have you spoken with the vet about the antibiotics not working?
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