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It's looking more and more likely that my hubby and I will move to China after I graduate. I've been doing some research on our options out there, but none of them seem particularly appealing. There's flying with the dog in cargo, but we've all heard the horror stories about dogs sitting in the extreme hot or cold, freaking out when in the plane, etc.

Freight cruises do not allow dogs on board, but there is one cruise that goes from NY to UK that does. It is spendy (2k per person, 800 for the dog), and doesn't get us exactly where we are, but we will be traveling the whole way with Kidogo by our side. Also, we get to travel through Europe by land which is a little bonus. Downside, it'll take a lot of money and a lot of time.

Pet transport companies. Any suggestions? This is the option I haven't done much research on. How does it work? Do they have private planes so the dogs don't have to fly in cargo? How is it better than flying the dog with me? Also, there have been horror stories, I'm sure. Which companies should we steer clear of?

Thanks for any input you may have! We won't even be leaving for probably a year but I'm already stressing. /:
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