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Moving Cross Country

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So we are crazy people and we are moving from the west coast to an old rambling Victorian in Pennsylvania, we are leaving next month. We will be moving with two dogs, a parrot, a bunch of reptiles, and some tarantulas.

I've done plenty of road trips and camping before but I thought I'd ask here if anyone had any advice on things to make sure we have packed and just general travel tips to see if there might be something I haven't thought of.
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Get your lodging arranged at pet friendly hotels.

Otherwise, frequent rest stops and carry water/food. Allow about 50% more travel time. A 10 hour trip will now take at least 15 hours.

Don't rush. Going thru the Midwest during tornado season you should have a weather radio and be able to recognize the weather signs proceeding a tornado. Know where to take cover.
Since you are traveling with a bird, check the USDA website for information on Exotic Newcastle's Disease.

Definitely make reservations for motels. It would probably be best to contact the specific motels directly when doing so, rather than going through the website, since you have the reptiles and tarantulas.

Health certificates might be a good idea, and proof of rabies vaccination, as well as all other vaccinations, are a must.
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