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mouth wound smells bad

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My 10 week puppy got bit inside her mouth 2 days ago, it bled quite a lot and she lost one tooth. she is now eating solid food and is back on her happy self but her mouth smells terrible! i could smell that particular smell only a few hours after she got bit but i thought it was the smell of blood. but now the smell has gotten really strong and bad. i will probably take her to the vet tomorrow but would like to know if anyone here have faced the same problem before.
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I had a puppy bitten who lost a couple of teeth once. The actual bite was around her muzzle, and she lost the teeth because of the pressure. Had to wear a cone for a couple of weeks because of the exterior wounds. I never noticed a bad smell, and she healed up fine.

I think you're right to go back to the vet and make sure everything is coming along okay, no infection.
Bad smell is indicative of necrosis.

Please get to the VET for diagnosis and treatment.
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