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Mother regurgitating food for pup

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My female Akita does this for her puppy at least once a day. I noticed the puppy ate the regurgitated food right after she had just finished eating from her food dish. Is it healthy for them to eat it or should I not give my female Akita the opportunity to do this? Thanks in advance.
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How old is the pup? Was it the only puppy or were there others who have gone on to new homes?
She's 2months old and she was born here. She is the only one from the litter.
Totally normal. That is what momma dogs do...one of my mommy dogs saw 2 of her puppies when they were 6 weeks old, and she promptly threw up her breakfast and stood back for them to eat it...

Dogs digest their food rather quickly, so if you separate them for 2-3 hours after each feeding, the mom should digest enough of it so that she gets her nutrition.
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