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My cousin's husbands family owns a jewelry store in Jersey and one day his Mom had the most beautiful gold necklace on with her dog's picture engraved on it. It was real gold and probably out of my price range but I did an internet search and found some websites that do custom photo jewelry. The first site was picturesongold.com. I bought a heart necklace with Max engraved on it and it was awful and cheap looking and the customer service people were ridiculously rude. I do not recommend them at all. Their jewelry looks like it came out of a 25 cent machine. I finally got a refund though and continued shopping around. I stumbled on this website:


I thought her stuff looked nice and when I called to ask some questions she was very nice on the phone. So I took a chance and ordered the medium sized square photo necklace and within a week and a half it came in the mail. Well, that's today and it is sooo gorgeous. It is really finely made and I just love it. I thought I'd share because if anyone wants some custom jewelry with pictures of their furkids she is definitely the person to order from. I'm just so thrilled! :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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