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Morkie mange?

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I recently noticed these small hairless patches on my 8 year old guys snout. They aren’t red and he doesn’t seem to be scratching them. Wondering if it’s mange or is this just some male pattern baldness for K9s? Thanks for your time and knowledge :)
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It is against forum rules to ask for or give medical advice. Someone could very easily give you the wrong information, which would delay a real diagnosis and cause further harm to your dog. Please have your dog seen by a vet, and then you can start a new thread to discuss the diagnosis.

Many vets will also allow you to send a photo of the problem so they can tell you whether you should bring them in or not. This is typically free of charge.
Weak. So someone couldn’t even give their opinion?
No, not for something that hasn't already been diagnosed by a veterinarian. It's to protect you and your pup - because we aren't trained professionals who can physically examine your dog, order tests, know what specific questions will rule out/narrow down the possibilities, etc. it'd be very easy for a well-meaning poster to tell you something that could hurt your dog or delay necessary medical treatment. Someone might come here with a lame dog and be told "oh, it's fine, my dog had that happen and it was a pulled muscle" only to find out months later it's actually bone cancer that's had time to spread, or a more severe injury that should've had immediate surgical intervention and now will cause long-term problems. Skin issues are, for the record, incredibly difficult to diagnose by a photo alone, even for veterinary dermatologists.

Once diagnosed, people can post here for help managing conditions, sharing experiences with treatment and recovery, etc (so long as, again, no specific medical advice is given that should be left to a veterinary professional like "you can manage pain with XYZ drug store medicine meant for humans"). But letting people guess at diagnoses is a risk we're not willing to allow here.
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Weak. So someone couldn’t even give their opinion?
Liability. My opinion is take him to the vet, who has had umpteen years of higher education, can put his hands on him, and run diagnostic tests if need be. .
If a veterinarian were to read this, and see the attached photo, I’m guessing “take it to a Vet” would be the prescription
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