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So, if it wasn't bad enough when we were on our walk a couple months ago when Bella and I came upon the remains of a dead turkey. I picked up a feather and showed it to her and she jumped straight in the air like a cat and tried to run.

Then we got chased by a wild turkey a couple weeks later.

Last week a Mourning Dove (I think) was killed in the yard - big pile o' feathers...but didn't seem to bother her too much...although she makes a wide circle around the area.

Now today we are walking in the field across the street. Her fur stands on end - I see a plastic bag in the distance and I figure that's what's scaring her. I bring her over there to let her see it's okay - also intending to pick it up and throw it away.

She freaks out more when she comes upon a pile of feathers again - the sniff and jump thing (kinda funny to watch actually). Chicken feathers. Guess the neighbor's coop got raided. It was like a massacre. Wing here...leg there...<<eeeewww!!>>

Then she became interested...sniffed around...peed on some feathers (until the wind moved a feather then she'd jump again).

I wonder if she was peeing on the carcass or on whatever scent the "killer" left behind?

(I never pick up the bag...I was too grossed out to look)

Although, the good news is I was walking her around trying to get her to poop - and that did it! LOL
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