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Last week I had a very long "photoshoot" with Twister and Mopsy.
I am a new member, so before I post pictures i'll ive a little dog info.

Mopsy is my 3yr old female "Cockapoo" or mutt if you will. A lady was selling 13 puppies in a shopping cart in wal-mart, what is called a backyrad breeder. Mopsy was the runt, and my mom thought she was sickly so she boguht hr for $100. Mopsy had fleas and smelled terrible, plus she was much to young to be away from her mother, at only 4 weeks. We've had her since then and she is m -favorite- dog out of the bunch.

Twister is a male Corgi x Jack Russell, or a "Cojack". He was bought from a pet store as a pup. The people who bought him couldn't properly care for him, so he was relinquished to the shelter. We adopted him at only a year or so old and now he's 7. As you may notice, he's a little chubby, hehe. ^-^

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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