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I hate to say.....but a Mobile Invisible Fence is a fantasy.

This type of device is known as training and call back for a return.

More off leash call back training is needed. As a suggestion, instead of yelling for the dog, try a whistle. The sound will carry farther than your voice, plus it will save your vocal chords. You don't need a "silent" dog whistle. (BTW, these are not silent) Any whistle will work, just choose one and stay with it in training.

My mini-schnauzer didn't respond consistently to the "silent dog" whistle. I dumped it and tried a Bobby whistle. His call back is nearly perfect with the Bobby whistle. He has been over 200 yards and out of my sight with a return call from the Bobby whistle.

Second task is to begin the call back training. Many books and videos to use as guidelines. Start with short distance in the house with plenty of rewards. I started with the whistle sound, if the dog would look, then treat. Soon, the dog would come to me, treat. Then the distance was slowly increase with treats and praise. When we ventured outside, this whole process restarted but with the dog on leash. Anyhow, the point is gradual small increments. Now, my dog returns, automatically sits to receive treat. The treat is random between play, snack or pet. He never knows what he will receive.
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