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I was trying to post this in the dog health forum, but it won't allow me to, so I apologize if this is not the appropriate place. admin please let me know how to proceed.

in the mean time:

I have a 6 yr old Pomeranian poodle mix, I assume he has something else in him because he is larger than the "standard" pomapoo. Anyways, I've had him since he was a pup, and he generally has good health.

A few years ago he had his first seizure, but it was random so there wasn't really anything I could do about it at the time. He didn't have any more seizures till well after a year later.

now it seems they are getting more frequent. at first it was about every 6 months, then every couple of months. then he had one about 3 weeks ago, one on Saturday, and one just this morning. I know I should take him to the vet, but I'm afraid the only thing they will tell me is there's not really anything they can do except put him on meds. and right now I can't afford a vet visit that may not yield any results. nor medication that may or may not work.

so I guess my question is, does anyone have experience with seizures in a pom mix? thank you
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