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Mix Breed Question

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hello! i recently adopted a little alaskan malamute mix and i have some questions about her potential future appearance/behavior. my little girl is a mix between an alaskan malamute (dad) and an alleged american bulldog/aussie/malamute (mom). the mom was a stray so they’re not totally sure about her true mix, but that was their best guess. anyway, i included photos of my girl’s dad, an image i found on google that looks identical to her mom, and a photo of my girl. i was wondering if anyone could take a guess at what she’ll look like as an adult? will she look more malamute or like her mom? also, given the breeds she’ll be mixed with, could anyone take a guess at her potential temperament? thank you for all the help!
this is dad-
this is what mom looks like-

this is my girl!
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Mom looks like a pit bull to me. I would say a pretty straight pit bull/malamute cross. With that mix, you're looking at a pretty high energy pup. Malamutes are bred to pull heavy loads over long distances, and pit bulls are terriers, so they can be tenacious and have their own ideas about things. You may be looking at a pretty independent dog who doesn't do well off-leash and is pretty iffy on recall. Both breeds are generally known to be fairly affectionate. Pit bulls like to be in their person's skin, and there are more than a few photos of Malamutes sitting on their people, too.

I have seen an alleged pit bull/husky mix, and it looked like a broad-headed husky with a medium coat. But there is so many ways your pup could turn out, so it's pretty hard to make a guess!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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