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Keep your dog treats out of sight (in a pocket or inside a bag) and get her to come and sit right in front of you before pulling out a treat. Start on leash, then go to off leash. You basically need to teach her that you might have a treat even if it looks like you don't. Something the dog training school I help out at does which I really like is that they teach- right from the start- that the dog only gets the reward after recall once the owner has their hand on the dog's collar. Usually, they just get rewarded and released anyways, but it stops this game of cat-and-mouse (owner-and-dog). It's easy to transition from that to not needing to hold the dog's collar, but its harder to transition the other way.

Look on the bright side, at least comes when you have treats :p
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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