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Today I was sitting on the couch working on laptop. I felt a sharp quick pain, like a needle puncture, on my hip. The dog was laying there next to me. I just thought...????

Then later, I felt it again. She actually had nipped me! No rips or tears in my clothes, but two very sharp quick but targeted little nips. I have 2 little marks on my hip.

Then, I was still on the computer and she was on the couch moving around, and all of a sudden, she nipped me really hard on the arm. I screamed - it really hurt. Again, no broken skin or blood. I left the room.

I think this is attention-seeking nipping. She has nipped at my pants legs/ankles a few times before (even though I don't think she's got much, if any, herder in her) but I wrote it off to puppyhood. And she bit me last weekend (no blood) when I took her high value food toy away from her (she had a sore paw also) when she growled at me.

She's not a young puppy...she's maybe about a year old and I got her as a stray from the shelter. She's really quite submissive, but stubborn and has some quirks, like hating her crates and obsession with the couch.

She's becoming really quite obnoxious, and I don't understand where all this using her teeth stuff is coming from. Have you guys experienced this, attention seeking nipping?
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