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Miss my dog

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Is it wrong to get another dog soon after a loss? I miss the companionship of my old dog? I don'[t want to replace the personality of the one that passed, just miss having a dog around to take care of and love.
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Not at all!
Everyone is different. Some people can't get another dog for a long time, others get one before they lose their older dog.
We lost a dog to cancer on Presidents Day 5 years ago. (a Monday) We had talked about it and decided we would wait a few months and get an older male puppy (we still had 2 dogs). The following Sunday, we had a new 10 week old female puppy. Not quite what we'd planned. She's a unique "little" dog. Doesn't like most other dogs, is scared of most people, but LOVES her inner circle of friends and agility. She's been a challenge, and a learning experience, but she needed us.

Do what's right for you.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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