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miss molly

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my name is jessie. i have two dogs ages 7 & 5. my female is a shi-poo and my male a shi bi. my female, Molly is 7. she has had a well a yeast infection in her right ear that seems to never really FULLY go away. Her vet has given me some drops but to be honest after over a year of applying drops i haven't noticed much change. Her groomer had mentioned trying a mix of apple cider vinigar and tea tree oil. Now this seemed to take the itch away but left what looked like a little peeling- so i stopped that. I've heard dogs with floppy ears can be prone to these infections- any advice??
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Ear issues are frequently caused by food allergies/sensitivities. What do they eat?
Hey there,
thanks for getting in touch with me. I feed them Ceasers "for small dogs" (the H-shaped kibble). sometimes i will give them the ceasers wet food too. i used to cook/make my own dog food but i haven't been doing that for a few years now
I'm not familiar with that food, but presumably it does contain corn, wheat, and/or soy, which are the most common dog allergens. Giving them a food without those ingredients is certainly worth a try.
Ceasers, in simple terms is garbage food. Find a good high quality food, may help out with the ear issues. what the heck is a shi bi?
Shi bi maybe = shitzu bichon hybrid. Just a guess.
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