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Hi from Minnesota! yay Ponder! yeah I know, the Vikings didn't win, but we may finally have found a good young quarterback.

we have a 6 year old lab/terrier mix named Mollie. she's black with white feet and a white blaze on her chest and belly, about 25 pounds. we adopted her from a rescue group about 5 months ago. although she's had some health worries (an infection that caused her neck lymph nodes to swell up and now possible colitis), we love her and her quirky habits and personality.

we also have two cats, George and Sam. George is a beautiful black marble tabby, almost 15 lbs! and Sam is a 2 year old Siamese who loves to snuggle. He hasn't snuggled with Mollie yet (she is a dog after all) but appears to be thinking about it as a possibility as the weather gets colder.

All of our animals are adopted, either from rescue groups or the humane society.
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