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Miniature poodle or standard schanuzer

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Hello all.
I'm looking for a overall good family dog thats good with children.
Looking for easy to train dog , good watchdog.
Will take the dog to the groomer so either breeds won't bother me. They both don't shed!

I figured maybe the standard would be better cause they taller and good watchdog then the poodle. Dont made taking both dogs to doggy daycare to burn off there energy.

Any ideas suggestions?
Looking for a eager to please dog.
Not looking for the standard poodle due to size and weight.

Is the wiry hair on the schnauzer easier to brush then the mini poodle hair?
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If I would get a standard or mini schnauzer I would take him to the groomer.
I'm trying to see if brushing the poodle with its curly hair is easier to do then the wiry fur of the schnauzer
My mini schnauzers were all 14" in height, one was oversized at 15". You do not HAVE to strip the coat, but it does prevent the undercoat from taking over. This coat is soft, not weather resistant and duller in appearance. But I didn't start stripping hair until I got my pup in Sept so it's really no issue for a home pet to be clippered, they just might get more cold in the weather and the coat is not waterproof, so these schnauzers would be less tolerant of getting wet. When I used to take my minis to the groomer, it would be every 3 months. By two months the hair is growing longer already, so I did a bit of touching up in beteeen. But if you keep up with brushing everyday, it just takes a quick comb and no knots. I use a brush with rotating teeth to comb the furnishings, the jacket doesn't really get messed up since it's usually kept short.

One thing I wish I did for my other mini's jackets is carding. I use a stripping knife to card (hold the knife flat against skin and comb). It really helps remove the dead hair and keeps the hair free of tangles. Honestly my pup likes to be carded and lies right down.

Btw, schnauzers have a double coat, that's why there is an undercoat and wire coat, whereas I believe poodles have one coat, so wouldn't have to be hand stripped. Honestly though I found hand stripping to be a lot easier than I was led to believe and I self taught myself online.

I am bias toward mini schnauzers, but I do recommend them for a household with children. I don't have any, but I had a mini schnauzer as a teen and my minis all love children and are very good with them. They are generally are (any dog can be not trained properly) great with children and def can handle a bit of rough handling, they are not delicate dogs for their size. They are very strong for a smaller dog. They are super intelligent, high energy (LOVE to play), use their brains (LOVE lots of mental stimulation), love to please you and loyal.

I am only speaking about the mini schnauzer as I have never had a standard and personality traits differ a bit. But honestly after having 3 of my own, I don't think I could handle more schnauzer or would want to, the mini is all I need.
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