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Miniature poodle or standard schanuzer

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Hello all.
I'm looking for a overall good family dog thats good with children.
Looking for easy to train dog , good watchdog.
Will take the dog to the groomer so either breeds won't bother me. They both don't shed!

I figured maybe the standard would be better cause they taller and good watchdog then the poodle. Dont made taking both dogs to doggy daycare to burn off there energy.

Any ideas suggestions?
Looking for a eager to please dog.
Not looking for the standard poodle due to size and weight.

Is the wiry hair on the schnauzer easier to brush then the mini poodle hair?
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I know of a reputable breeders of Moyens in the U.S.

- Karbit poodles (under Small Standard/Kleinpudel puppies) Located in Texas.

- Located in Missouri

Minature poodles are rather delicate, but there are some heavier bones ones out there. They are very sensitve dogs, but they are very smart, and eager to please. They are barkers, and will probably bark at the door. I may be bias, but the bad outweighs the good and I do think Poodles are one of the best dog breeds out there. Well rounded, obedient etc.

Schnauzer's I think require hand stripping? Which isn't as easy to do at home as it is to take a clipper to your poodle, They are heavier boned than MOST MP's which makes them less risky with children possibly getting too rough with your dog.

Schnauzers probably weigh more, but they are very similar in height. 11" is the smallest a MP should be, but they can be smaller. Same goes for Schnauzer's though, any breed can be over or below height standards.

I think a Moyen would be the perfect happy medium, I am personally on a Search for a 15"-20" poodle, and I can't find any anywhere. It will be hard to find a reputable breeder of small poodles. less hard to find a reputable breeder of minis who has a Mini Standard Spoo sized.
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NOPE I already linked two reputable breeders of moyens, DO NOT buy from that kennel :L
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