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Miniature poodle or standard schanuzer

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Hello all.
I'm looking for a overall good family dog thats good with children.
Looking for easy to train dog , good watchdog.
Will take the dog to the groomer so either breeds won't bother me. They both don't shed!

I figured maybe the standard would be better cause they taller and good watchdog then the poodle. Dont made taking both dogs to doggy daycare to burn off there energy.

Any ideas suggestions?
Looking for a eager to please dog.
Not looking for the standard poodle due to size and weight.

Is the wiry hair on the schnauzer easier to brush then the mini poodle hair?
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Merle poodles and schnauzers aren't purebred. I don't actually have a quibble with thoughtful outcrossing, but if someone tries to register merle dogs, they're lying about something in the dog's lineage. It's simply not possible for a merle dog to arise from a poodle/poodle or a schnauzer/schnauzer breeding. And introducing the merle to the poodle gene pool brought along a bunch of health risks purebred poodles don't have (probably the same with schnauzers...I'm just more familiar with it in poodles because I researched before getting my hairball). It's the worst kind of "designer dog" BS...making dogs LESS healthy just to get trendy-looking pups to sell for more money.
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