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Mini Poodle Not Eating

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Hi everyone, this is my first time posting on any kind of forum. I got a mini poodle yesterday and she is the absolute cutest. When I was in the process of getting her I was told that she was hypoglycemic and I had to be very careful with her. She is 2.5lbs and very tiny and is also very picky. I was told to give her 1/4 cup at 8am and another 1/4 cup at 5pm. She ate about half of her 1/4 cup this morning but is not wanting to eat anything else. I wet her food and also put the wet food they suggested as well as a patty that I smashed and sprinkled on top of her food. Does anyone have any suggestions? She isn't eating much and I am scared to take her out and let her get tired and possibly pass out. Please please help me.
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Seeing as you got her yesterday, I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't want to eat very much. The change is likely stressful, and stress can dampen an appetite! Also, at 2.5 pounds, she might have just been full! She's very small, and so is her stomach. For reference, my 55 pound dog eats about 1 1/2 cups of food a day, as well as treats and such. And I could probably still cut that back a bit, because sometimes I feel like he gets a little too fluffy even on that ration! What you think is not very much food might be more than enough for a very small dog.

You might also try splitting that 1/2 cup per day over 3 meals instead of 2. Little dogs can't always regulate their blood sugar like bigger dogs, so sometimes its necessary to split up their meals a bit to keep things regular.

If you haven't figured out the food thing in a few days once she's had time to settle in, I would suggest giving your vet a call to discuss.
I would also suggest feeding at least three times a day for a tiny puppy at that age.to avoid the chances of her becoming hyoglycemic. Don't forget to take training treats into account when calculating how huch she's getting. It's very easy to feed an entire meal's worth of food in a training session.
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