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Mini Double Doolde versus Mini Golden Doodle.

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I am new to this forum. We signed up for a mini goldendoodle, but our breeder had a doubledoodle ready and suggested we get one. Anyone has any thoughts about mini doubledoodles (North American Retriever ). This is a cross of mini Goldendoodle and the Australian Labradoodle.
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These terms are largely sales gimmicks and don't really mean much.

Personally I wouldn't invest money in a mixed breed dog. Doodles are very inconsistent, you won't necessarily know what you're getting, many even shed which is a deal breaker for a lot of people.

I have nothing against owning mixes, but poodle mixes are sold for thousands and that doesn't seem reasonable to me.
I would make sure that the breeder is doing all the necessary health testing of all the breeds in the mix, and can show you proof of testing. Also be aware that Goldens are very prone to cancer, and any disease that has a genetic link can show up in mixes of those breeds.
Sounds like a shady backyard breeder with designer mutts. Not that I have anything against mixed breeds...but I do have an issue with breeders throwing together "doubledoodleaussieroodle" and charging people $3,000 for the equivalent of a Heinz 57 with no health testing, no titling, no nothing to prove the parents' worth as breeding stock. Also, a reputable breeder will typically pick out a puppy for you based on your wants and needs, not throw an entirely different breed of puppy at you because it's ready....

I see the link you provided shows this breeder breeds numerous breeds. Red flag. It also appears that some dogs might be OFA tested, and some are not. Red flag, but ask the breeder about it and make her prove it. You can search the OFA website if she's had all tests for ALL breeds in the mix done. I see she's also trying to sell the "mixed breed dogs are healthier than purebred" dogs trope, which is entirely untrue...
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