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Milton's BOB win shot

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This is Milton winning 2 points under Houston Clark earlier this month in Asheville. He also won a point the day before by going BOB as well.


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He's very handsome :)
TYVM!! This is Milton's 4th BOB win from the classes on the way to his AKC CH title.

He has 6 points (no majors yet) of the 15 he needs to finish. :D
Congrats! Nice lookin dog (of course, you already have the ribbon to prove that ;) )
How old is he?
I think I remember watching his puppy updates awhile back. Him and his brother maybe. If I'm thinking of the right pups, I was always fond of Milton for his slightly darker face.
Yes, I also had his brother Mike until recently. He is not far away with a good friend.

Milton will be 2 on August 7. :D
Congrats!!! Sounds like he is doing wonderfully...good luck getting your majors and remaining points!
Well Red, you already know how I feel about Milton but I guess if I have to say it again, I will. HE IS GORGEOUS!!! :)
Congrats on you successes in the show ring.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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