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Milk and Boiled Egg

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My 4-yr old female German Shepherd was fed half a cup of milk and a boiled egg every day for a month by my parents - they were dogsitting while I was away. The dog seems to have suffered none of the lactose intolerance effects - no diarrhoea, indigestion or gas, and energy levels remained normal. And she has now developed a taste for these 'treats' and I am wondering if I should continue to give her these occasionally.

Suggestions please.
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Probably won't hurt. 1/2 cup of milk isn't a lot for a dog that size, so it shouldn't cause problems. Boiled eggs give my dogs gas (bad!), but if she doesn't have those problems there shouldn't be an issue. Eggs can be given raw as well (less likely to cause gas). Most dog treats are a million times worse than fresh milk and eggs (Beggin' Strips? Pupperoni? Ugh. The ingredients are trash).
I see nothing wrong with boiled egg. And if the dog shows no problems with small amounts of dairy like 1/2 milk, there shouldn't be an issue. I just wouldn't make the dairy an everyday thing myself personally.
Thanks very much. I'll give her an egg a day (I'll try a raw egg first) but make the milk a bi-weekly treat.
yea lela ninjaed milk out of my glass a few weeks ago and now when i get milk out of the fridge she goes bonkers. I only give her a little bit in her bowl maybe once a week but she eats alot of cheese she is addicted to cheese. I monitor her stools make sure they arent too soft and she has never had any issues with it , I think with stuff like that it depends on the dog if she seems to handle it ok go for it ^_^
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