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Mexican Guard Lion

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I seen this posted today on one of the fishing forums I visit. Story in brief ( unauthenticated ), owner was tired of break ins so he 'groomed' his dog into a little lion :)
I think he looks kinda cute :D

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i like it....i think he's adorable like that....
LOL that is pretty cute. :) He really does not look like a fierce guard dog/lion though. He looks more like a tail wagging lickaholic.
Rawr. lol He's a cutie. I wouldn't run..but maybe laugh.
He's adorable! They did a great job of replicating a lion cut! I don't know why but I really like animals groomed into lion cuts...cats mainly as this may be the first dog I've seen.
LOL that's sooo cute. My friend did that with her dog... she said one time a kid was going down the street (he was obviously... "on something"...) and thought her dog was a real lion.
That looks really good,i like it.
Pretty cute. Let's just hope he doesn't meet any Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

Not too scary, though. Everybody knows it's the lionesses you have to watch out for.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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