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All 3 are decent foods.

The biggest thing is, Orijen is completely grain free as is Wellness Core. Merrick is primarily grain based and Natural Balance has some grain free and some that I believe are grain inclusive.

Can your dog tolerate grains or is it a personal preference to avoid them completely? Orijen is an excellent food, but sometimes dogs just don't well on certain brands for whatever reason. What I would personally do is compare the labels of the Orijen and then see which may be different enough to try first. If grain doesn't bother your dog (or you) maybe start with Merrick or a NB formula, since they do have some grains and then you can truly see if the Orijen just was too rich for your dog.

I personally haven't tried the Merricks, nor the Natural Balance. Wellness wasn't one that my dogs "enthusiastically" ate, so only tried one bag.

Not to add confusion, but one of my favorite brands is Fromm--they have both grain free and grain inclusive foods in their 4 Star Ingredient line. I also have my eye on Taste of the Wild (grain free) and will be trying that during my next trip to the store for food.

I honestly don't know much about the fiber in the foods...but did find an article on dogfoodadvisor.com about it.


Good luck!
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