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So, I brought this fuzzy jerk home in October of 2016, and she's achieved SOOOO much more than I could have ever hoped for.

As my first sport dog, she has done the following in the past year:
RATS! Canada (Barn/brush hunting):
- Her instinct title in barn hunt
- 1 Q in brush hunt (which has been a struggle!)
- Novice barn hunt title
- First place overall in novice barn hunt last trial!
- Reserve in puppy class when she got her instinct title

Canadian Disc Dog Association:
- Retrieval proficiency title at 6 months old
- Basic Disc Dog and Disc Dog titles earned in a second weekend
- 2 first places

- 1x 1st place placement in Level One Throw & Go
- 2x 2nd place placements in Level One Throw & Go
- 1x 3rd place placement in Level One Throw & Go
- 1x 1st place placement in Level One Four Way Play
- 1x 2nd place placement in Level One Funkey
- For her best performing scores, she is in the 96.20% percentile for Four Way Play (lv 1), 85.90% percentile for Funkey (lv 1), 91.40% percentile for Throw & Go (lv 1), 79.60% percentile for Time Warp (lv 1), and she has qualified for UPDIF in 5 of the games.

- Earned her HIC easily with praise from the instructor, who said she had her preferred temperament and drive for it

So, not too shabby for my first year with my first sport dog! Go MeiB! I'm also super proud of how her reactivity/overarousal has improved, and how amazing she has been with literally everything I have thrown at her. We've tried dock diving, herding, conformation, agility, disc, barn ratting, brush hunting, rally/obedience work -- this dog takes to everything with gusto. She has been so much fun to work with!

Really proud of her. This coming year, we'll be working hard in agility, and working on our freestyle routine. We're hoping to debut in the summer (for freestyle)!

Call Me MeiB HIC RPT BDD DD IBAR NBAR -- what a mouthful!


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Awesome!!! Great job with her and congratulations on all your accomplishments!!

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I wondered how you two were doing! Huge congrats on all of your accomplishments. That is a lot for being so young. You should be so proud! She looks beautiful.

Taking to everything with gusto is my Kairi as well. The way an Aussie should be! :)
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