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Wiggles’ horrible itching and skin hot spots had her miserable and her owners distraught. But a change in dog food turned out to be the solution!

Watching Wiggles run around the park near her home in Escondido, Calif., you’d never know the poodle mix is nine years old. “People think she’s a puppy,” says Daniela, who with her sister Viri are Wiggles’ pet parents. “They don’t see her gray hair!”

Today, Wiggles is full of energy but that wasn’t always the case. For months, the dog suffered from painful hot spots where her skin was dry, red and prone to bleeding. She would constantly bite her own skin and her coat gave off a foul odor. At one point, Romero bought a cone for Wiggles’ neck to block the dog’s non-stop chewing of the already irritated area. She even put a children’s sock on her foot so her scratching wouldn’t cause so much bleeding.

While she and the vet couldn’t pinpoint any specific medical problems in Wiggles, Viri searched the Internet for a solution to her dog’s itchy, smelly skin. Viri and her sister tried a wide variety of premium dog foods for Wiggles but none of them stopped the dog’s problems and in many cases, Wiggles didn’t even like the food. “She would tip over the bowl of kibble,” Viri says of how Wiggles displayed her distaste of the food.

Plus wet dog foods gave Wiggles diarrhea, leaving her in a constant state of lethargy and she spent the days listlessly laying around the house. The sisters also tried applying natural remedies to the sores, including lemon juice, vinegar, betadine and witch hazel. But Wiggles’ woes continued.

Read on to see what finally relieved her symptoms >>
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