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Meet Toffee!

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I just took in this young gal, she's been kind of isolated for the first year of her life, but she's adapting quickly!

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Oh! Be still my heart! She's beautiful! Congratulations! What is she like?
She's still very much a puppy, will be one year in a couple of weeks. Hadn't been socialized with other dogs at all. Doesn't have much obedience training. However, she is a fast learner, is very sweet and wants to be good! High prey drive, though, my biggest challenge is a "kitty" issue. :(
She does sound like a challenge. She sounds like my B'asia. High prey drive and not well-socialized. Lovable as anything. She's my muse. :) I hope you can work it out with the cat. We don't let B'asia around the cats. It's just too risky.
She is a beauty, I love her coloring. I'm glad you were able to give her a nice new home.

How is she with hershey?
She is beautiful!!
Thanks everyone! After a rocky start, she is GREAT with Herhsey! They play all day long and sleep next to eachother, too. Hershey taught Toffee how to play like a proper dog is supposed to play. At first she just wanted to chase Hershey and nip at her once she had her cornered, but after Hershey educated her, it is a joy to watch them play!
She looks so regal lying there. Beautiful markings. I can't wait to see pics of her and Hersh playing. Should be fun. :D
That's great that they get along. She's a beautiful girl. And yes, I too would love to see pics of them playing.
:eek: She is STUNNING!!!!!! *wipes drool from chin*
I LOVE her color........... if I were ever to get a GSD, I would want one that looked just like her. :p :D

Thank you for rescuing her! You got yourself a nice looking dog and it sounds like she fits in great. I can't wait to see more picture of her and of Hersey! :D
She is beautiful!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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