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Meet The Soon To Be New Member Of The Family

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I have been planning to keep an eye out for a puppy around Christmas/the new year. Because with Morrison getting older. I would like him to have a "successor" who would also have a chance to know Morrison and have some of that wonderfulness rub off ;).

Not planning for anything too big or too small. Not searching for a particular breed. Knowing I work from home my life is pretty pliable to a puppy. In other words open to any energy type. I planned on checking out shelters/rescues for litters.

Well today I was made aware of a litter that would be ready to go home Dec 23rd. They are an oops litter with the genetic make up of Jack Russell and Sheltie. With a few shakes of other breeds here and there. Long story short, after some back and forth with the owner of the mother dog. I will be picking up this cutie around Christmas.

Sorry about the picture quality. This is all I have so far

I have names I am considering but I doubt I will land on her name, once she is in the home :). Still my top two favorite choices are "Eleven" (Yes Stranger Things reference lol) and "Prairie" (reference to The OA).
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