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Meet Skylar, she was adopted about a month ago from the local shelter, and she's been absolutely wonderful! I was hoping some folks could help me out figure out what she may be mixed with. From what we were told, she has brown husky in her, but other than that, I figured she's definitely mixed with some other breeds. I've been hearing possibly a german shepherd or even beagle too, but I don't know.. she's pretty small for a german shepherd, even a husky. She's 35 lbs, and she's a year and half old.

This is just out of curiosity! This will not change my thoughts on her, for she's incredibly smart, and just SO much fun. I love her to death :)

here's a video of tricks she's learned so far in case it helps to figure out what she may be!! btw.. she learned roll-over and standing up ever since this, I'm so proud of her! :)

Thanks much!!
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