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Meet Oreo!

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Hello I wanted to introduce you to my best friend Oreo! She is a 3 year old coton de tulear who just had a bit of a major health scare but is hopefully on the road to a quick and full recovery.

Sadly a few days ago on Wednesday, Oreo hind legs stopped moving and we took her to the vet right away and found out she had herniated a disc in her back. While it was touch and go for a while (we opted for steroid treatment over surgery due to previous seizures the dog has had) today she made enough recovery to come home to us and while she has at least three weeks more to recover, the vet said she made an excellent progress (60%-70% mobility back) and can return to full strength with no long term pain.

Unfortunately while in the vets care she developed a very bad diaper rash which seems very painful I am worried will cause her to tweak her back. Any suggestions on how to treat a diaper rash and general care for this type of injury would be appreciated.

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So sorry to hear about your dogs injury. I would contact the vet about the rash issue and see what he suggests.
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