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Hi, guys!! I had a question for all you dog people. So I got this puppy a month or so ago. My first puppy!! She's almost 11 weeks. I'd like to know what on Earth her color is supposed to be. I'll post a picture of her parents. We were told the father was a Great Dane which anyone who is familiar with Great Danes would laugh and be like haha, right. So, half the litter was merle and the other half was black and white. The father has a naturally docked tail and half the puppies had docked tails. At first I thought maybe he was a Catahoula, but then the docked tail threw me... so then I was like, okay, maybe an Aussie mix? But that... just doesn't seem right. I know Catahoulas are occasionally born with docked tails. But I'm just so confused. Her sister also has a like... half tail. It's not quite a bobtail but it's not a full length tail. My friend owns her sister and we get together for play dates with them.

Next part of my question is, what on Earth color is my Kaya? I'm so confused if she's a funky messed up brindle or merle. She's reddish in some lighting, and silver in another. She's NOT agouti so not sable. She has black hair and lighter hair. It's not tipped. I thought, okay, red merle? Or a fawn something or other? But she has a black nose which rules out a dillution gene. But then she also has a slight mask and tipped ears going on so did that cause the black nose? And as she gets older she gets more and more black in. But she still is reddish in some light and then silver in some other lights. I'm so confused!! Her sister is clearly a blue merle. Lighter than the father, but a blue merle. When you put Kaya next to her it's just ???

So I guess my questions are... what do you think the father is? What color is Kaya?

In the parents pics, mom left dad right. The white dog is my deaf boxer/pit who is around 50 lbs.


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