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This is Dot.


I acquired her around June of 2018, at which point I was told that she was probably around four months old. (This seemed to check out.) My mom bought her off a toothless lady in front of a supermarket, and I took her from my mom. She bonded with me pretty immediately, and had to sleep with some part of her body on some part of my body (preferably her face somewhere close to mine) for weeks after that. I tried half-heartedly to rehome her, and in the end decided to keep her and make it work despite me not being a huge dog person (I think they're great--I just wasn't planning on one for myself at all at that point).

Fast forward to now. I have the best dog in the entire world, but I lovingly call her my "problem child." Obviously, this isn't true--I'm her problem dog parent. I managed to potty train her pretty well on potty pads right at the get-go, and I think she knows what I want when I say sit, but doesn't care enough about directives to follow them unless there's something in it for her. I've realized lately (call it an epiphany) that taking care of her basic needs isn't enough for us to have a less stressful, more enjoyable life (something she very much deserves!), and that while training her is going to take time and a lot of patience, it's long overdue and as necessary to her wellbeing as a routine and sense of stability is for me.

I've been focusing on learning how to "load/charge" her clicker since Christmas, and I plan to go from there.

Wish us luck, y'all!
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