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Meet Domo!

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This is Domo a rottweiler X pit bull cross that my husband adopted from the shelter yesterday. We originally met him back in October as a stray brought in injured off the street. He was a very playful four year old with a head like a melon.lol My husband fell for him immediately and had to leave before he "brought him home with us." Fast forward to a week ago when we found out he had been transferred. To us, it sounded like they had moved him to another shelter and not being sure which one it was I proceeded to email every rescue and shelter looking for him. We couldn't stand the thought of such a great dog being put down. I got a flooded inbox telling me that "transferred" was a nice way of saying euthanized.

I also got one from the Intake Supervisor from the shelter explaining that he had been brought back once for not liking cats and had been adopted back out. Which calmed our fears that he had been put down. So, I didn't think much of him until I got one more email again from the Intake Supervisor that said the stars were aligning for us and that he had been returned because the previous adopter's landlord said he looked too much like a pit bull for his liking. We rushed to the shelter the very next day and adopted him on the spot. Domo has been a perfect gentleman in every way and the only regret we have about him is not adopting him sooner!

Anyways, onto a couple of pics Domo!

Here is his picture from when he was on the shelter's website.

This is Domo begging for some people food, which he did not get!
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Domo is gorgeous! :) He must have been meant to be yours the way the cards played out! Thanks for rescuing him! :)
What a great looking dog. How lucky for him that you kept looking and were reunited.
Handsome boy!! I really like his markings
Thanks for all your kind words, everyone. Domo fits in great so far and his only downfall is how excited he gets when he hears the microwave door open. He starts to bound around like a kangaroo.LOL
he's pretty! You're strong, being able to resist that face.
What a gorgeous pup!! I can see how easy it was to fall in love! :) Best of luck with everything!

Something similar happened to us. I volunteer at our shelter and was there the day our guy came in. I wanted to take him home that very moment I saw him but decided to give it time. Another family put in an application for him, dragged it out a couple weeks and after finally getting approved they withdrew their app. He was home with us 2 days later and it was certainly "meant to be"! :)
We went back multiple times to play soccer with him and when we found out he had been "transferred" my husband lost it. I've never seen him get that worked up over any dog before and realized that he had been hiding how much he really liked this dog. When he said, "They put my dog down" I started the hunt to find out what had happened to him. So, when the shelter manager emailed me saying he was back and available, I couldn't deny him a dog that was meant to be his. I'm sure as dog lovers, you all understand how it is when a dog grabs onto your heart and won't let go.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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