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Meet Brighty!

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Hi all! It’s been a while since I last posted! I remember being very active here a few years ago and made some really nice friendships and got some great advice!

came here looking for some advice today, but thought I’d say hello again and introduce you to my new baby. Adopted a couple of months ago and she is just the sweetest girl. Still working on some bad puppy habits but she is fitting into our pack nicely.

she was a stray down south and was hit by a car and was scheduled to be pts. Luckily the rescue stepped in and amputated her back leg and she is a happy healthy (and somewhat bratty) younger sis and tripawd to my two older girls.

I named her Brighty after “Brighty of the Grand Canyon”, one of my favorite books as a kid. If you haven’t read it it’s about a heroic little donkey. I think between her story and her big ears, it’s a good fit! :)

anyway, enough of me rambling, here are some pics of my littlest gal.


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Also apologies for the weird formatting, I’m not the tech savvy superstar I envision myself to be. :)
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