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On Friday, we found out that little Ellie has Intestional Canine Coronavirus and we have been treating her for it since. The vet told me that coronavirus tends to be common in young puppies and is easily treated without much of a side effect, but I noticed Ellie has been urinating more frequently, especially in the house. She will go outside whenever I take her (every 30min-1hr while awake) but she's been going several times an hour in the house and I can't seem to keep up.
I noticed that some of the puddles are really tiny and other one's are massive in relative to her size. Most of her accidents are clear liquid instead of smelly yellow urine. Of course, I can't be mad at her because her accident's are easy to clean and she's started taking to treats when she gots outside, but I'm starting to run out of paper towels.
I called the vet again and the tech that answered seemed unphased by my question and said she would be fine. I'm curious to know if anyone else has gone through this with their puppy or if I should be concerned with an underlying UTI.
I know 8 week old puppies can't hold their bladder very long, but the frequency of the urination seems rather odd to me.
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