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Medication for puppies?

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Our puppy has been with us for a month. At the first visit the vet gave us a free sample of heartguard and another for sentinal. she said that since sentinal worked for both heartworm and fleas we could give out puppy that and repeat the process on same day every month. Now we meant to order more sentinal for the coming months but forgot and now the 4 weeks are up. and petsmart said they dont carry medication. so our only choice is to order sentinal online which will take 4-5 business days. My question:

1-will not giving the med on the exact date harm the puppy?

2-if its essential to give the med on the exact same day then can I give the other sample heartguard med to her this month and switch back to sentinal next month?

Please could anybody knowledgeable answer! .....would be v grateful
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This is where you need a vet who is knowledgeable about breed responses to medications. BCs, aussies, and similar breeds and mixes happen to be sensitive to one of the the active ingredients in Heartgard and some other brands - ivermectin. Although the dose is very low in these meds and some owners do use them with no problem, many owners prefer to use a med with a different active ingredient.

Interceptor or Sentinel are generally recommended heartworm preventatives for these breeds because they do not contain ivermectin. They aren't equivalent to each other because they use different ingredients. They tend to be more expensive. Some vets consider that either one does a better overall job compared to the ivermectin products so they do recommend them ahead of the others for all breeds.

Your vet should explain all this to you so you can make an informed decision.

However, I do have to say that something here confuses me. I don't know where you are located, but generally you need a prescription from a vet to purchase heartworm preventatives. When you went in to get the prescription, why didn't you get a supply at that time if time was tight? Just curious.
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Poly..thanks a lot for the info!

the vet gave us just some samples of the heartworm medicine and a card for future discounts on the med when we order in online. no prescription. maybe we were supposed to get the prescription from the vet's assistant/reception though she didnt say so. and being complete newbie dog owners we had no idea that this was a prescription med and wouldnt just be available everywhere. must've been a glitch from our side..and i guess we need to go back to the vet and ask.

Oh and we are located in Atlanta.
You are welcome.

If you want to order your heartworm meds online, some online pharmacies will contact your vet and ask for an OK from them. Just remember that your vet doesn't have to give his OK at their request and many won't. However, they do have to give you a prescription or fax one in if you (the owner) request it.

Personally, I've found that the difference in price on prescription medications isn't all that much. Especially since many vets will actually refill the prescription on-line

On non-prescription meds such as flea & tick products, you do save a lot by ordering them on-line.
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