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Hello everyone,
About 6 months i adopted a 1 year old pit mix. Thinking back i realized as we would play outside very sporadically while running around he would yelp lift his leg and two seconds later be fine and running around again. I kind of chalked it up to him stepping on a holly leaf or something in the yard because that would be the end of it for a long while. Fast forward 6 months to 3 days ago and while we were playing ball outside he hurt his leg twice and than later that night i noticed it bothered him while he was just walking around the house. I took him to our local animal hospital and they diagnosed him with medial patellar luxation in both of his knees. Left one being grade 2 while the right one is grade 3. Does anyone have any experience with this and can give me some advice. I would love to get the surgery done for him since hes young but cash is tight right now. Just bought and remodeled a house, getting married in 2 weeks, and honeymoon right after so we cant afford to do it right now. Ive been looking around online and see a lot of natural remedies i might try. I know its not going to fix it but i need to figure out how to make him as comfortable as possible for the next few months while we try to save up the money required. We were given a rough estimate of about $4-$5k per knee plus rehab. Any advice will help.

Thanks in advance, Ray
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