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Me and my 3 dogs say Hey!

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Hey everyone,

I've been creeping around this forum for a few days now and decided that I should join.

I have 3 dogs

Rufus - **** hound (about 4) sat at the Humane Society for a year and no one wanted him so I figured why not, and took him home. (he's the biggest couch potato ever - in the morning he goes from the bed to the couch)

Kayla - Husky mix - I've had her since I was a kid, she's about 13 or 14ish

CC - Springer Spaniel 3 years old (my girlfriends dog)

I worked at the local humane society for a while as the kennel manager so I have quite the collection of animals (4 cats) and I'm always fostering puppies.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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