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May be adding to the family!!!!

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So, a friend of ours is moving to Japan, they need to re-home their 3 yr old Harlequin Great Dane and they would like us to take him...

Of course I'll have to see how Lucky gets along with Angel, which should be interesting. :p
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Well, we're looking at buying a house (been house hunting for about three weeks now and have it narrowed down pretty good as far as which place we want, all our top contenders have between .5 to 1.5 acres FENCED) so we'll have all the room we need!
Yeah, I just hope it works, other wise I'll have to get in touch with Dane rescue to help the family. Angel's fine around puppies, she's a little iffy with some adults though (HATES the Schnauzers around the corner, wants to be friends with the DA Dobe across the street:rolleyes:)
Well, it's going to be a few days before we do the intro. Lucky and Frank already know each other, they've played numerous times together and yes, Lucky is a boy, I'll have to have him neutered shortly after getting him to prevent any accidents.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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